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Programmer ⋅ Backend ⋅ Fullstack ⋅ Linux ⋅ helloworld@daniel.uy

Are you old enough to remember personal homepages? Yeah, welcome to mine!, just a little diferent than what they were back in the late 90's. Here you can find a little bit of who I am and what I do at work (spoiler: LOTS of coding).
Also, make sure to check out my Blog :)


I'm a 37-years old programmer and web developer currently living in Montevideo, Uruguay. I been programming since I was about 15 y.o, and for the past 10+ actively working in the area.

Most of my work experience comes from back-end development, PHP, creating admin panels, web services and such. I'm not the guy who creates the HTML, but in-real-life i've a lot of experience working as full-stack, dealing with the front-end, JavaScript, etc.

For more details check the Skills section.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Backend: PHP, Symfony, Composer, MySQL, Laravel, RabbitMQ, Docker
  • JS: NPM, NVM, Node.JS, Express.JS, Sequelize, InertiaJs
  • Frontend: Vuetify, Tailwind, Electron
  • Learning / lacking XP / Others: Rust, Next.js, C#
  • Misc: GIT, Docker, Vagrant, Gitlab, Jira

For more details do not hesitate contacting me (if you need more information about my work experience, cv, refs, etc).
Thanks for your interest!

Some Code examples can be found on my Github profile.


If you are looking to work with me make sure to read the About and Skills sections. For more details write me using the LinkedIN mail; that is the best way to get a quick answer from me.

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