I'm #OpenToWork

Hey, I'm Daniel.

I'm a Backend & FullStack Developer

From Montevideo, Uruguay I've spent the last 15+ years building and scaling web apps for some pretty cool companies. I'm also an open source advocate, that knows how to exit Vim and Arch user (btw).


My name is Daniel but my friends call me Dani. I started programing when I was 14 years old during the late 90s.

I got my first full-time dev job when I was 20 while studing a career in electronics and haven't stop building things since then.

Most of my experience comes in the form of FullStack and Backend development; bulding APIs, fullstack apps, dashboards and all kind of things.

And as for technologies in recent years most of my relevant tech/stack I've been activetly using at work are Node, TypeScript and PHP.

More exact details are available on my Resume.

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  • NodeJS:
    TypeScript, Fastify, NestJS, Express, Prisma, Sequelize
  • PHP:
    Symfony, Laravel
  • Databases:
    Mysql = Postgres >= Redis > Mongo
  • Frontend:
    React, NextJS, Tailwind, Mantine > Flowbite
  • Services & Tools:
    Gitlab, Github Actions, Jira, Docker
  • Learning / Having fun:
    Python, Rust/Actix, Go


Projects & code samples can be found on my Github profile.


Typescript is the present and future of Node/JS, move on!

TypescriptJan 26, 2023

Outside of personal projects most of my career been on the web, i been through the vanilla era, the jquery era, and the React prison we now live on. TypeScript comes to make your life not as painful, and actually give you a great developer experience.


Using Makefiles to improve Docker image build experience

DevelopmentJan 19, 2023

Makefile is a building tool that's been around forever; and while some of us may remember it from building our first couple projects (and may hate those times and the struggle); But I believe it's an awesome tool that by just adding a single file to our project It can speed / easy up our daily work flow on: how we build, run locally, etc our 'Dockerized' projects


Laravel: working with Components

PHPDec 28, 2020

One of the features present in the last few versions of Laravel is Blade components. For some reason (at least on the projects i had to to work) the adoption isn't great. They come to fill a void within the MVC pattern and organize our projects nicely.



If you are looking to work with me make sure to read the About and Resume sections.